What is Create Vision?

Create Vision is about providing opportunity for disadvantaged youth by providing a means to expand their vision and perception of life beyond the walls of their community.

Overview of Create Vision Foundation

Create Vision is a not-for-profit charity organization dedicated to supporting youth in need by providing them with education and life opportunities that would not otherwise be accessible. We can only achieve what we are able to envision. Our vision determines how we see ourselves and how we see our future. When we are brought up in a community where all we see is poverty and a lack of opportunity, it is difficult to start to paint a future that doesn’t perpetuate these same aspects.
Where there is no vision there is no hope” by George Washington
The only thing worse than being blind is having site but no vision” quoted by Helen Keller
Create Vision, allows youth to experience a world beyond their community walls. Through travel to STEM centers and camps, colleges and universities, corporations and businesses these same disadvantaged youth will embark on a world of limitless possibilities. They will begin a journey that will expose them to tangible opportunities for their future. Poverty is often the root of crime and poor education. Often youth in these impoverished communities are taught life skills of survival instead of life skills that will empower them educationally and financially. Through partnerships with community organizations, corporations, colleges and universities, Create Vision will challenge these youths to see a world with limitless possibilities and opportunities.
Vision Statement:
Our vision is that the community will be impacted in such a way that crime, and high school dropout rates will significantly decrease, while college enrollment increases. We envision thriving communities with hope and not hopelessness.
Mission Statement:
To help and inspire disadvantaged youth to continually strive to reach their highest potential in life by affording them opportunities to expand their vision beyond the walls of their communities.
The funds raised address the issue of supporting children affected by disadvantaged financial and family backgrounds who are deprived of the basic necessities and educational opportunities in life. Funds raised will be used to offset the cost of all travel, and registration fees associated with trips to various locations. Funds will also be used to pay for any associated life skills training that students will have the opportunity to receive.
These programs will provide opportunity for students to do the extensive college tours and STEM camps, that have been traditionally afforded to youth in more affluent areas of the city.
Poverty affects individual access to quality education. The U.S. education system is funded by local communities; therefore the quality of materials and teachers reflects the affluence of community. Low income communities are not able to afford the quality education that high income communities do. Another important aspect of education in low income communities is the apathy of both students and teachers. To some, the children of the poor or ignorant are mere copies of their parents fated to live at the same level of income and education as their parents. The effect of such a perception can manifest itself in teachers who will not put forth the effort to teach and students who are opposed to learning; in both cases poor students are thought to be incapable.[56] Females in poverty are also likely to become pregnant at a young age, and with fewer resources to care for a child, young women often drop out of school.[57] Due to these and other reasons the quality of education between the classes is not equal.[58]

Let’s partner together to create a new vision